Non-Specific Urethritis (NSU)

What is Non-Specific Urethritis?

Non-Specific Urethritis (now more correctly known as non gonococcal, non chlamydial urethritis) is a condition where the urethra (pee pipe in men) is inflamed and the cause of the inflammation is NOT due to either gonorrhoea OR chlamydia infection.

There are a long list of other reasons why the pee-pipe can get irritated; some of these are bacterial and may be sexually related; some are not infectious and can be simply due to over-washing/using soaps, worrying you have an infection and inspecting yourself/squeezing your pee-pipe a lot.

  • A complex condition in men - causes pain and discharge.
  • Not always an STI.
  • Diagnosed in a specialist clinic.
  • Partners need treatment too.

What are the symptoms?

Men / I have a penis: a white or cloudy discharge from the tip of the penis, usually more noticeable first thing in the morning.

Difficulty, pain or a burning sensation when passing urine, a feeling that you need to pass urine frequently, Itching or irritation at the end of the urethra.

How is it diagnosed?

When you are seen in the clinic the clinician may take a test from the end of the penis using a swab to collect a sample of cells; this will be examined under a microscope.

A urine sample will be taken for sexually transmitted infection screening.

Other more specialised tests may be requested depending on your symptoms. This will be discussed with you.

What is the treatment?

This is with a course of antibiotics and may be dependent on the suspected infection that you have.

Partners will need treatment too, even if they have no symptoms or  if the test come back negative; this may seem complicated but its because not all tests show the cause of the infection.

Useful information

To find out more about Non-Specific Urethritis click here.

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