What is Trichomonas?

This is caused by a protozoa (a bug that is bigger than a bacteria). It is one of the less common infections that we see in Dorset but in bigger cities its more common, so you still need to know about it!

Not a common STI in Dorset…

Most women will have symptoms

Diagnosed in the clinic with a simple test.

Treated with a course of antibiotics

What are the symptoms?

Men / I have a penis: Men tend to have no symptoms but will “carry” the infection and if not treated will re-infect their partners. Sometimes they may have slight pain passing urine and a slight discharge.

Women / I have a vagina: Often no symptoms but if present, a vaginal discharge which is usually frothy, fishy smelling and very irritant to the skin.

How is it diagnosed?

It is diagnosed by finding the bug on a swab test that we take from the vagina. We look at this test under microscope and see the bug swimming about.

There are newer tests which can identify the bug called a PCR test. This isn’t an instant test and is like the test for Chlamydia.

We don’t test for this infection in men.

What is the treatment?

This is treated with a one off dose OR a course of antibiotics. The one off dose is less well tolerated so not used as frequently.

Occasionally we ask patients to come back after they have completed their treatment to make sure the infection has cleared, though this is only in selected cases.

Partners need treatment too, even if they don’t have symptoms.

Useful information

For more information visit the FPA website.