What is Donovanosis?

Donovanosis ( also known as - granuloma inguinale) is a bacterial infection which isn’t common in the UK. If you have had sexual contact with someone from a country that has a higher incidence of this infection ( South Africa, South America, South East Asia, for example) ,it is important to tell the clinic as you may need more specific tests.

What are the Symptoms?

“Beefy red”, spreading ulcers on the genital area- these are very characteristic in nature

How is it diagnosed?

As the sores are so typical, it can be from the appearance of the ulcer but as these are becoming less common, a biopsy is often taken which is looked at under a microscope; typical “Donovan Bodies” are seen which makes the diagnosis!

What is the treatment?

It is treated with a longer (3 week) course of antibiotics.

Partners require treatment as well.