Same Day Service

We all hate queues, so why not use our Virtual Q?
There are now two ways to book for our same day service! You can now choose to text and book online.
NOTE: You will still need a mobile phone to use the online booking service as your SDS timeslot and information will be sent to your mobile.

How do I book a slot in the SDS?

Males: text BMTHM for a time slot
Females: text BMTHF for a time slot
To this number: 07537 404253

Please text at 9.00am Monday - Thursday for same day appointment slots. For Friday slots text from 7.00 pm on the Thursday evening.

Follow the link:
The timings for the same day service can be found here.

What will happen when I book (either by text or online)?

You will receive a text message back giving you a time slot for you to attend the Same Day Service that day. Please read all the information contained within the text message and keep it as you will need it when you come in.

Can I "choose" a time?

TEXT: If you want to try for a specific time slot, please add 'after' and the time you would like to be seen to your text message.
For example: "BMTHF after 2pm" or "BMTHM after 5pm"
Please be aware this restricts the number of slots that will be available to you.
ONLINE: Specific time slots will be offered to you on the online booking system; if the one you would prefer isn't there; this will mean is has been used up or isn't available on that day/session.

What if I can't make this time slot or the time slot isn't suitable?

Please text "BMTHM CANCEL" for MALES or "BMTHF CANCEL" for FEMALES to 07537 404253 to let us know - this is really important as it will allow us to offer your slot to someone else.
TEXT: You will need to text us again for another time slot, if one is available. If you don't cancel, we will expect you to come to the SDS for your requested time slot.
ONLINE: You will need to book through the system again.

What if there aren't any slots left for the day I want?

TEXT: You will be placed on a waiting list for that day. You will be sent a message confirming this. If someone cancels, the first person on the waiting list will be offered a slot and asked to confirm if they can attend.
ONLINE: Only the slots available will be shown; there may be more than one space in each time slot but when the clinic session is full, all the slots will be cleared from online booking.
If there are no slots available, you can phone the clinic to make an appointment on 01202 704644 (option 1) or you can try the SDS (either by text or online) on another day.
I want some more information/help/advice!
Please call our advice line on 01202 704644 (option 3) if you need any more information about this system. If you leave a message, one of our staff will endeavour to return your call within two hours (Monday-Friday 9-5pm).

What if I delete my text message?

Don’t panic, we will still have your details on our system. Please still come to the time slot you have been allocated.

What if I lose my mobile?

See above.

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

You can phone our advice line on 01202 704644 (option 3) to speak to one of our nurses. If no-one is there, leave a message on the answerphone and someone will call you back (as above).
You can also phone and make an appointment on 01202 704644 (option 1).
You can also come into the department to make an appointment during opening hours (see "Clinics" page for opening times).

Can I turn up to the walk in clinic even if I don’t have a time slot?

If you turn up without a time slot, it is highly unlikely that you will be seen but this is dependent on your individual problem (see "What if I think I need to be seen urgently?"). We may be able to offer you an appointment. Our receptionists will be happy to advise you on how to use the SDS booking system for future clinics.

What if I think I need to be seen urgently?

We will try to see all sexual health emergencies. If you think you need seeing urgently, for advice phone 01202 704644, option 3, for advice. If you need PEPSE or Emergency Hormonal Contraception, please attend or call us immediately (or out or hours attend your local Emergency Department for PEPSE and Pharmacy for EHC).

Can I turn up to be seen with my partner who has a time slot even if I don’t?

You can attend for support if your partner needs you there but you will need your own time slot if you want to be seen on that day. We do ask that, as much as possible, due to confidentiality, the patient (your partner) is seen on their own.