Sexual Health Dorset provision during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sexual Health Dorset is still open for business. However in response to the COVID-19 epidemic we have made some changes to the way we provide some of our services. We are minimising non-essential face to face contact to protect you and our staff, but please rest assured that if you need to be seen we will be able to see you safely. Call us for advice on 0300 303 1948.
Advice for patients attending Sexual Health Dorset during COVID-19 (Coronavrius).

COVID-19 has changed life for all of us.

It has made some people wonder if it’s safe to date or have sex during the COVID-19 epidemic. Globally, people are being asked to stop hooking up in person. Reducing physical contact with people will reduce transmission of COVID-19, however we need to strengthen our social connections through other means. Please see this advice from HIV Scotland and New York City.

Even COVID-19 clouds have a silver lining. Fewer hook-ups since lockdown have resulted in a huge reduction in new HIV infections and other STIs. This has given us a unique opportunity to prevent the chain of HIV transmission.

Almost all of those who are living with HIV have been infected by someone who doesn’t know they have the infection. HIV can be prevented. People who are not infected, but are at high risk of HIV, can protect themselves through taking PrEP. People who are diagnosed with HIV, and are on effective treatment, cannot pass on the infection.

Get tested, and help stop HIV transmission! Sexual Health Dorset has partnered with SH:24 to enable Dorset residents to have free access to home kits for HIV and STI testing. Visit the SH:24 website for more information.

Some people may be happily living with their partners, but worried about access to reliable contraception. At the moment, we are only providing contraceptive pills and emergency coils. See here for advice, or visit the SH:24 website to order some types of contraception online.

Some people may be living in fear, with abusive partners or other family members. You First provide support to anyone affected by domestic violence or abuse. You can call them on 0800 032 5204. If you feel you are in immediate danger, call 999 then either dial 55 or just give a cough, and the police will attend.

There are no walk in services at any of our clinics in Dorset. Clinics in Weymouth and Bournemouth are open, all of our other community clinics have temporarily closed. Changes may occur at short notice. Please check the website regularly.

If you have an existing booked appointment, please do not attend unless you have been specifically asked to (for example those attending the PrEP clinic). A doctor or nurse will telephone you to assess whether you need to be seen.

Opening times are being reduced due to staff shortages. Most clinics are only open from 8:00am to 5:00pm weekdays.

Please see below for details of other Sexual Health Dorset services: Coming soon

STI Testing and Treatment
HIV Treatment and Care
Psychosexual Medicine
Chronic/Recurrent Genital Problems
Early Medical Termination Service