Post Exposure Prophylaxis after Sexual Exposure to HIV

What is PEPSE?

This is treatment that can be taken after high risk sexual exposure to HIV, say after a condom breakage or unprotected sex with someone who is high risk of having HIV or known to be HIV positive AND who is not on treatment.

 If taken correctly the treatment can reduce the risk of acquiring HIV significantly.

It is vital that this medication is given within 72 hours of the risk and it is not effective after this time- the earlier the medication is given, the better.

Not every case is suitable for PEPSE and the HIV Consultant will use guidelines to decide the risk; this treatment is not a substitute for using condoms.

Things you need to know before taking PEPSE?

The treatment course must be taken for 28 days

There may be unpleasant side effects

The treatment is not 100% effective and if it doesn’t work, may affect future HIV treatment if you become infected.

Bloods are required before, during and after treatment including HIV tests.

Where is PEPSE available?

It can be accessed from The Department of Sexual Health at the Royal Bournemouth (Monday- Friday 8.00 - 17.00; 01202 704644, option 1)

Emergency Departments at Poole and Bournemouth Hospitals (out of hours)

Over the Rainbow (Wednesdays only – 01202 257478; they are also available for advice Tuesday- Friday 10.00 - 17.00).