Dorset Working Women’s Project

The Dorset Working Women's Project has been running since 1998 and is an HIV prevention and sexual health project working with women who sell sex, particularly those who also misuse drugs and/or alcohol. The project aims to help support people involved in prostitution, provides a range of support including:

  • Information on safer sex, contraception, sexual health testing and safer drug use, including clean injecting equipment
  • Advice on personal safety, including Dodgy Punters information.
  • Promotion of positive sexual health choices,
  • Information and advice on HIV, Hep C, Hep B and sexually transmitted infections
  • Evening Outreach on 3 evenings a week
  • Home support visits to Sex Workers
  • Transport and company to the GUM for sexual health check-ups and treatment
  • A weekly drop in session – a safe place for those involved in prostitution to relax and chat,
  • A quarterly newsletter containing a dodgy punter list
  • Support to help people access other services including SWARAC.
  • Referrals and support to access other organisations dealing with substance misuse, housing, welfare or legal issues
  • Agency or self-referral.

DWWP is for all women who work, or have ever worked, in any area of the sex industry, and provides information, advice and support on all work related issues.

The DWWP does not strive to control, reduce or promote prostitution but works to models of health promotion, harm minimisation offering a confidential and non-judgemental service.

For further information contact Pauline Smyth at or call 01202 646912.