Our policy on confidentiality protects you.

You can be seen in the clinic without a parent or carer present, if you wish, or you can bring a friend or family member with you for support.

Doctors and nurses have a duty of care and confidentiality to all patients, including those under 16 years.
We offer the same confidentiality to all patients whether they are under 16 or not.

This means we treat anything you tell us in complete confidence. We will not tell anyone anything about you unless we think that you are in danger of coming to harm, for example:

  • Someone is forcing you to have sex against your will
  • Someone is hurting or harming you in another way
  • Someone is taking advantage of their position (such as a teacher, youth worker or relative) to have sex with you
  • We think that another young person may come to harm (for example a brother or sister)

We hardly ever have to do this, even if what you are doing is against the law.

If, as a last resort, we decide that for your or another young person’s safety, we ought to speak to someone else, such as a social worker or parent, we will tell you exactly what we are going to do first.

If you want to know more about confidentiality, you can ask the nurse or doctor before you discuss your problems.